Location Map
 Near View---Dong-Guan City Tang-Xia Town Area Map:

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Far View--- Guang-Dong Dong-Guan City Area Map:

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Traffic Suggestion:

1. From HK Airport:
Take direct bus (Yongdong bus) from airport to Zhufuling station, it takes 15 minutes from Zhufuling to Vision. ( one shift every 30 minutes) (about 2 hours' driving distance)

2. From HK District:
Take direct bus from China Travel Agency of Wanchai, HK to Golden Sunshine Hotel, it takes about 20 minutes from Golden Sunshine Hotel to Vision.
3. From Luohu Satation of Shenzhen:
Take No. 6 bus from Luohu Business Market to New City Hotel, it takes about 25 minutes from New City Hotel to Vision ( one shift every 20 minutes).